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Carhill Breakfast Club


As a rural school we understand that there are many transport demands facing our families.


In order to facilitate their needs Carhill runs an excellent breakfast club.


There is no cost for this service, however children are asked to pay for what the eat.


Carhill Pitstop


Our effective afterschools programme brings a wide range of benefits to our children. It has the potential to boast academic performance, develop key social skills and encourage physical activities associated with positive health outcomes.


The service provides childcare till 5pm each day for P3-7 and until 4pm for P1/2 children at a cost of £2.50 per hour. Parents are asked to book their child into Pitstop using a registration form each Monday and submit the required payment for the week.


At 4pm the children will receive a snack and

this comes at no additional charge.

Pitstop gives parents peace of mind that their child is being cared for in a safe, nurturing and meaningful environment.


If you require a Pitstop Registration Form, please click the link below.

Pitstop Registration and Booking Forms