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Late/Absence Procedures


If your child is absent from school for any reason, a letter of explanation must be sent on the day of return. You may receive a phone call if your child is off for a few days – this is purely to find out how they are doing and pass on our best wishes.


As Carhill is such a small, intimate school, our children are very close. If a child is unwell, s/he is missed not only by his/her classmates, but by all the children and staff. So please accept any phone call for what it is – genuine concern. If your child has to leave school early please send a note to, or telephone the school, preferably a day in advance.


Authorised and unauthorised absence

Some recognised reasons for a child to be absent from school include:



Medical/dental appointment


Marriage of a close family member

Serious illness of parent or sibling


Holidays during term time will not be authorised, unless in exceptional circumstances. 

There may occasionally be a little leeway in the last couple for days before the summer holidays only.


Other unauthorised absences include:

Shopping trips, particularly near Christmas

Northwest 200

Agricultural shows/ Home exhibitions

Sleeping in late


If you sleep in, you should make every effort to get your children to school when you waken,

regardless of the time. Simply phone the school and let us know what time you anticipate being here – even if it’s after lunchtime.


Unauthorised absences from school are automatically passed through the school computer system to the Education Welfare Office. Repeated absences can result in interviews with the Principal, Government officials, or even in legal action. We do take each individual circumstance into consideration, so please work with us to ensure your child’s regular and sustained attendance.